The Last Night on The Mountain

from Now The Honnibler Stonshing Wondrous by ddb



Well, here we are now*.

Never more perfect, never more perfect.
Who am I now, now that she is a part of me?
Now what? Who made this stuff up? It’s perfect!
Kinhaven, and the things that could never be forgotton.
Am I really here right now?
Yeah, right now, you’re here.

They sell nature in bottles now.
I have eyes that can make onions water.
Oh what I would do for just one kiss in the Jenny Brook.
Horns and Teeth: “It had only been a day, and the horns were already growing back.”
If I don’t commit to this, I could giggle my life through prison, because being trapped is funny.
“Your parents are still in love”------“Very much”
“Will you come with me to the creek at night in the rain and submerge ourselves in the mud and then cry until we starve to death because this is what love is supposed to be! Hugs and kisses find their way to the rocks and the wrong lips. You understand, and I know you do!!”
I was becoming so shy, I had to start averting my eyes from my own piercing glance in the mirror.
One day, I will find my endless staircase.
Gabe-the-face carries around a razor he calls contraception.
The gift of mystery---give it to me now, or I’ll give it to you.


from Now The Honnibler Stonshing Wondrous, released June 1, 2004


all rights reserved



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