Space Trek

from Booted to LA by ddb



Featuring Andy Panayides


Don’t watch any cliff or canyon.
You’ve got deluxe satin eyes that could be measured as a threat.
As a result, you might become dethroned.
I cried for days on your lap; nothing could possibly keep my mouth dry.
The silky summer sands never felt so miserable.
I hate to sound like a sexist, but it sure takes a man
to swim through this ocean of sticky taffy.
All your compliments.....
You’re all such great compliments,
Thank you for your compliments.
I wish that I could be one of you.
Rack my brain to take a job
That’s enough of the hippo’s here
Pack him up and ship him out.
You can direct the entire government.

I was desperate enough to go try every door on your street.
Turning every golden knob just to see if you were there.
I need you to place your kiss on my forehead as it bows to you.
Try as I did I never did find you.
I turned a knob and opened a door,
The house was dark no one was home
I walked inside and looked around
the was no light I could not see
I blinked twice just to make sure
and sure enough I was alone
and there was no sound I could hear my hear
The darkness enveloped me like a warm mother
I walked straight ahead of me into the dark belly of the house
Feeling for walls and furniture; I felt none.
I felt like thiss house was an eternal, unearthly realm; I was falling in
The sensation of this encouraged me; I pressed on.
On and on......I cuddled the dark
I shook hands with the permanence.
I stayed there forever.


from Booted to LA, released November 1, 2005


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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