from Booted to LA by ddb



Push me I’m a big red button.
I’ll do the desired function when you push me when you push me
Don’t be afraid. I’m here for a reason. that is safe for you to touch.

Oh. C’mon. Let’s be quite agressive. It’s all for fun and games.
I’ve got books for feet and and a white bedsheet with two tiny holes for my beady little eyes. I’ve got apples in my neck and a surprising pair of checks that made out in your name for almost 2,000 dollars
You have used this piece of equipment before.
There is no reason to doubt its abilities.
You already know what will happen when you press me.

Let’s find a machine let’s take out it’s steel beating heart.
You know it’s aggresive when it comes for you.
Grabbing your wrist and twisting it too
“I want my heart back because I need it to live”
The silly machine didn’t know how to give.
(you his heart)

If for no other reason, at least do it for the money, come on and do it honey, think about killing bunnys, and laughing because it’s funny, cuz you’ll have 2000 dollars money, that will make your sunday sunny. So die happy and retarded. Don’t worry I’ll still love you, babe. It’s so cool that we’re going to see meshuggah play next week. I so excited. I can’t wait to see Freddy T. rip some awesome guitar solos.


from Booted to LA, released November 1, 2005


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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