from Memento Mori by ddb



The song “Sacrifice” has lyrics that may be triggering or offensive to someone who has been involved in police violence. I would also like to avoid some misinterpretations and make sure my intentions are clear with this song. This song is my own personal emotional response to some actual incidents, however it is a work of fiction and it is not describing an actual event. With this song, I am trying to illustrate the horror of being shot and killed by a police officer. These lyrics are a poetic illustration and they are intentionally arranged to be as jarring as possible to emphasize the horror of the incident. The lyrics to this song are not making any direct statement about the issue, but I also want to be clear that I personally support the Black Lives Matter movement and that I am not trying to glorify or promote this type of violence.


Shot by a cop and bleeding out slowly.
my inner organs mushed, my body irreparably mangled.

The solemn dance of the end, just visible, A tickle in the corner of my eye.

Tears rain down, I dream of the rest and relief that awaits in death.

Why am I meant to sacrifice my life’s potential for this empty kill? I crave to fathom the sanity for this, but, I am destroyed too badly,
Justice cannot serve me anymore. My slow death allows me to witness the dismissal of the worth of my being, as my consciousness slips away.

I know my body will not recover and any pain I feel could only serve the cop who shot me.
now I’m left alone to finish this by myself.

As my senses null, I am now silent. (With no ability to scream, or talk, or even cry.)
My breath slow, my limbs cold,
the officers walk away, literally bored with me (I am taking too long to die. )
my eyes close slow.
now it comes.
I am alone now, as I always was before I was born.
The darkness that I left from, now returns to me.
void unto void
The infinite nothingness merely interrupted by a short struggle on earth, now continues.
void unto void...


from Memento Mori, released July 13, 2018


all rights reserved



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