Rolling in the Grass

from Say Goodbye To The Bone Mother by ddb



You have the strangest visions
I see your silhouette involved in another
Day of weather
Talking back from astronaut to astronaut babe I
asked you not to stray with the sheep, come lay
down with us wolves

I suck in the very people
we have trained to kill the evil
Let me please remind you
who you are
Get off of my tree now--climb down
Roll your eyes and set your feet down
I’ll be right behind you
go ahead of me. lady.

Mrs. Lovely-Dovely bake a pie
make it your very best
your medicine can save me, I will okay babe
This will be the day that we will
roll out in the grass together
cars won’t run us over
make love on the sofa

I give the king a kiss on
his big fat king ring that sits on
a hand extended towards me
who am I
looking out from the very top
You can see the end and where it stops
let me please remind you
who you are

I will sing a simple song
picture me holding a gun out against the sunset
there I breathe
I look back when you are not
You take my mind, you haunt my thoughts
right against the sunset
there I breathe

I love your sweet biology
how did you come to take hold of me
I love your talk, I love your letters,
Let’s read them out loud together!!!


from Say Goodbye To The Bone Mother, released January 1, 2006


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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