Rhinoceros Day #1

from Now The Honnibler Stonshing Wondrous by ddb



Starring Carlos Ramos and Dave Parente


Don’t step on my tale, while I tell it.
I also need complete silence because it makes me feel more powerful.
This is the only fun part of this dumb job. (which I got through a friend whom you don’t know. )
Today is Rhinoceros Day, so make sure you’re all wearing your pellets and that they are all turned on. You see, Rhinoceros Day has a tradition that goes back for….um… …..well ……do you guys smell that?! Ugh!! That’s disgusting!! I’m getting out of here right away!!
Sincerely signed,
Dave Parente


from Now The Honnibler Stonshing Wondrous, released June 1, 2004


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project --> i-voidhangerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/onkos

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