Mothers Day Hip Hop Track

from I Do Not Wake Up by ddb



I am walking through a field full of brown grass. The sun is warm and high. The basin is flat and open.
I am trying to get to the other side where the foot of the mountain shoots up. I want see what's up there.
And what's beyond it.

I will try to bury debts in the months of snow ahead. As the miracles find streams they find oceans.
Every kingdom has it's rules.

Them Use Paper Rules. Oh...To Follow..oh

I got myself lifted up for a last look around. There were words stuck to the trees everywhere.
I could go, or stay if I wanted to. The decision would come every second although I may reconsider my choice. The past will always be written.


from I Do Not Wake Up, released December 25, 2011


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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