from Memento Mori by ddb



give me mercy, mercy me.
many times, many time, many more

I am marooned and I am muzzled as a mummy
what if you don’t ever find me?

I’m amazed I’m in a maze, all around, monoliths, mounds of mud.

In this, muddyness, mossyness,
dirty ground, all red and brown
musky, murky, I am Maroon

For a myriad of misty moons, I am , (will always be) maroon.

and imagine me a monk, I reside
you can imagine a myth, I’m inside
I’m inside your mythos,
you decide
I’m looking for a mark
markings that coincide with a map
maps that we just made up
make believe

I’m looking for the means or magic mode
for saving me mainly from myself, high and dry

Manifest my move
Magnify this magnificent miracle
Modulate my mask, and Multiply.
Magnificent marbles underneath my moccasin
Mocking a sinner..
March across the marble
Majestically moving through

madness that you likely to mend anew,
materialize. Renew
modernize it too
Metamorphized and modified for you

Machinated by Moirai
My mortality
Such a morbid mentality,
morbidly me

metabolic mammal

Give me mercy
many many times and more
mostly, I am marooned


from Memento Mori, released July 13, 2018


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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