Market 04

from I Do Not Wake Up by ddb



I come bearing no flag to wave. My love, I cannot bear to waive.
Not belonging to myself while within a collection, I find that I am unable to disembark.
As familiar as lovers, these limitations hang from my limbs like street lights.
I swear to work so hard within my own character to negotiate the obstacles pass through.

She glances my left bough softly and threads of awareness flood through the passages in my skin. Woven together to form a husk of unification.
Solitude melts away from me to the holy ground but my temperature is consistent. I remember her voltage can break my system .
Murdered goats perched on thrones adorned in great shrouds of transparent woolen yarn. The heavy headed novice approaches the yard.
I can’t let go, her claws retract, I hold her tight, as she reacts, she kills me to send a message a lasting fullness. an empty death.

And now before me, I can finally see a smoking heap of bones placed delicately.
inhale calmly. exhale slowly. reserved, and stoic.


from I Do Not Wake Up, released December 25, 2011


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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