Erwig Vanilla

from Glass in Everyone's Tongue by ddb



Featuring Gabe Deutsch on VOCALS


Baby baby all things in alignment
I find out, your faking what's for faking most, oh no
you can't cuddle all up apple butter
But you CAN give me nothing, within reason, uh... die completly?

Capture what you claim you've captured
ask me when you think you've mastered
all a little faster, faster thinking, faster drinking
getting plastered, kicking asses of the bastards
taking wallets, taking rastersizing classes
with the masses of all the little lasses

Touchy foot!!
shut your fuck!

Jimmy Jimmy carjack freely in the kitchen
you seem to take more than you "want"
I don't need to pay you any money, because
her brassiere's like a rerun all the time
her buttered bust is gravy and your milky toast is tasty
like the test tone that we tested in the 80s
Gracely put you favorite sneakers in the closet with your knickers off
and make me think of: her brassiere's like a rerun all the time

Captain Comb-over licked his last lemon and chucked the core over the next fence.
What we saw wasn't anything new... what could we do?
Maybe most men will profit as they slide away up in their car
But if that's possible you just might as well give out on it today
because bellyaching brings bad business in the big old oak tree.


from Glass in Everyone's Tongue, released October 20, 2009


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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