Compass, Offering

from Two Things by ddb



A work by Sarah Woods and Bob LaDue
Created for 2 dancers, 2 Contrabass, Bb Clarinet, and Vibraphone.

It is an offering!
Stepping out, follow your heart.
Follow your intuition.
A counterpoint for what we see.
We draw the connection between us in strong and clear lines made of music and movement.
Here we make an opportunity.
Here we offer an direction.
Both from what is around us and what is inside of us
Moving around the house and describing what you see.


from Two Things, released January 23, 2014
Compass, Offering

Bob LaDue and Sarah Woods have created a piece of music & movement named "Compass, Offering"


Mark Clifford: Vibraphone
Jason Hoopes: Contrabass
Max Judelson: Contrabass
Jason Gillenwater: Bb Clarinet
Sarah Woods & Bob LaDue: Composition, Choreography, Conducting, and Dance.

Sarah is an experienced dancer, and Bob a musician. Bob & Sarah wish to create a work that encompasses both of these aspects together as the substance of the work. Avoiding the concept of music written to support the dance, or vice-versa. 'Compass, Offering' attempts to establish the environment where the music and movement are part of the same essential substance of composition/choreography.

The Music has someting to do with this:
0 E A D G
1 E A D G
2 A E A D
3 E A D G
4 G# C# F# B
5 B E A D
6 D G C F
7 E A D G
8 F# B E A
9 G# C# F# B
10 A# D# G# C#

The Twelve Phrase x2
Carbon Dioxide Part01(34)+'Sevens'
--Interuptions X3--
The Twelve Phrase
[Courtsy] *MUSIC*
Lucy Segment *MUSIC*
Full Duet *Music* (house)
Swiftly Moving Water


Sarah Woods

Sarah Dionne Woods was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She has always been interested in movement, even before beginning formal training at age 13. Sarah is a former LEVYdance company artist and is currently a collaborator with Alex Ketley's The Foundry. She is super grateful to her family, friends, and Bob for making her dance life possible and for supporting her ventures into choreography.

Bob LaDue

Bob is a musician and composer living in Oakland CA. He graduated from University of Miami with a BFA in Percussion Performance and from California Institute of the Arts with the MFA Performer/Composer Degree. Bob self-releases music on the internet under the pseudonym "DennyDennyBreakfast". Additionally, he pursues a wide variety of artistic pursuits ranging from experimental electronic to folkloric cuban music. All of these things and many more influence the artist that Bob is.

Bob enjoys sour lambic beers, indoor rock climbing gyms, cuban rumba & bata, zombie movies, classic NES games, making hummus at home, death metal shows, jamming out to 90's music late at night, etc. Bob is currently working on finishing an album release with the pop group tfpp with good ol' Matt Hettich ( Discover more at!!!!!!!!!


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