An Angry Dear

from by ddb



I want you to be kept up in my furlong coat
Don't you see 'semblance all up in my eyes
Are you touched by my words?
Did I touch you in the face with my sweet honey?
That's right I know it can be famous for you.
So get you gig rag.
We've reached rock top now, and we get tagged in big photos online
I can't shop for any logs I got Just a small window time, and no more zig zags
The dark road is above me. So I'll take my time and walk
Driving is crazy. and I need some phone calls to talk, there's a leak in the bucket
Your love is keeping me free. Your touch is always okay with me.
You are nothing that I don't want and as it comes let it go and if there's some to break the strong stones.
How much did it cost you ask how much did you pay. When money is involved than I know that I'm okay.
I'm okay with smushing the food in my face. cuz my face is the place for the food to get cooked and erased.
Sliding down the wet backs of the villains of enchanted sea characters. I'm allergic to crap.
"What are all your songs based on?"
I said I don't know sometimes I hit drums. Sometimes I don't know.

Horatiu Radelescu Vasen Beach Boys Disgorge Chris Tart Beck Blur Blow Boards of Cananda, Syndrone, Helmut Lachenmann,
Huun Huur Tu, Amandinda, Jimi Hendrix, Hella, ANR, Bela Fleck, Lightning Bolt, Los Papines, Mahavishnu, Marnie Stern, Mats and Morgan, Michael Jackson, Gorguts, Morton Feldman, Airship Rocketship, Wake, Lithops, Letter people, Messiean, Tribal Tech, Mike Patton, Dolls, Sting, Zelda, Secret Cheifs 3, sleepytime, Secret Mommy, John Cash, John Zorn John Coltraine, John Greenwood, John Scofield, John Hancock, John McLaughlin, John Psathas, John Grier, James Brown, James Chance, In Flames, Iggy Pop, Deeds of Flesh, Devourment,


from Number Thousand, released September 15, 2009


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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