Tea Clock (Van Allen)

by ddb

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Van Allen is Ehvi Jena and Bob LaDue (With special guest Greg Monzel on trombone)


released January 1, 2007


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project --> i-voidhangerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/onkos

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Track Name: 12 OZ
our vacation was at an end
it was on the leash as it posed as a friend
Taking it easy
You never buckle up when your scared of your life
Then everthing went wrong.
about 7 hundred 1000 times all night I sang this song
Monsters killed my mom and dad...
but we kids made out that night we were alright
We knocked him out comatose in the basement,
tied him up just to keep him in his placement.
That's enough Let's not forget our escape plan
Basic stuff. making out with your face then
taking off getting down to the same jam
Based on that I'd say we are okay man
To the sunset we run and obey him
Best of all we never knew that we would slay them
mom and dad like the ones that we never had, isn't it sad.
but it ain't to bad cause now we got this sweet pad to ourselves, and keypad and the mouse, can we handle the blouse, do you want the 12oz
so so scared and very very small
and based on their circumstances they should not have lived at all
But what happened in the end as the credits were the fall
The kids had escaped....the danger had dissolved.

They were alive they alive they were alive
Track Name: Questions
Wait...cannot wait
your body's open and your mind
if we are all playing hide and seek then I am inside
let's play a game, just you and me I'll tell you what we'll do right
and I will read so that I can see.....see you know... if you know why
Track Name: Perl
I always forget
Pray pray pray pray pray pray
your number is on my fridge
should I call should I call Should I call

Drag my body through the forest
End up outside
Where's this pain? Where's my eyes?
Tickle my bleeding wounds with your kisses.

Sunshine dries me up
if love is the blood that is I have arrived
What does this mean? What is it called?
Tickle my bleeding wounds with your kisses.

when were young we were young
it's much to late for that now
Why do you give me things that you need?
Tickle my bleeding wounds with your kisses.
Track Name: Cat You Have To Go Away
I sunrised and so nice to be here
I sunrised and so nice to be here and
sunshine warms sunshine breathes
caught a glimpse from that pretty girl
think we know eachother but still she says hello
and we cut and we find her circleling
as we came together WE WERE ONE
you have bruised, you've made it rain
and she's pouring she's......
I still shine and still in..sp
but she's pouring......she's..
I sunrised and so nice to be here
I sunrised and so nice to be here and
sunshine warms sunshine breathes
Track Name: Real Version
The things that kept me away
three of them fell in the river
taking turns killing myself,
the third day of this gets boring
I wanted to die on the beach in sun
so I set up a ladder to get there

I mixed myself up a bottle
full of dried blood with ash
what came out was something new
there was nothing left over in that
and the empty bottle broke at my feet

I made tears today for linens
clothing that would dissolve on your skin
there was a naked soldier dead
I counted up as far as I could
he never worked again

great old people dying of cancer
secrets that they learned that they never told
I tied a knot and I can't undo
I broke my leg when I fell from the tree
who are you?
Track Name: You're Shit
I'm living the dream but you think I don't care
And it's as true as you think but you think I don't care
I think about a lot but you think I don't care
That's all that I got but you think I don't care

It's the best thing I think I'm going to find but you think I don't care
And the walls are put right in front of me but you think I don't care
I see the way around back to the porch but you think I don't care
It's the dream that I got man, but you think I don't care

It's laughing and it's talking and it's drinking and I don't really care
It's a mess to clean up ever after and I don't really care
You'll find your heart and the dagger that it's living in But I don't care
As the master of the front you have got and I don't really care
Track Name: Decapitated
Before you take a bow, put your head back on.
Track Name: Last Chance
I believe:
Walking through white teeth as they nash
They'll freeze your credit if you're God
I'm building an army of small incisions all over your face
When it becomes salt time we'll run out of strings to pull

You can control me in this way

It's Only the night time that I can come back from being dead
You loved me like that I could tell
I saw your eyes dialate just before I lost conciousness
The defining moment in a person's life is the last one

If you love your children they will fight and die for you, their bloody smiles
But if you come back tonight we're going to have to figure out, what's it worth to be
I'm running alone here but that's the way it always was, and it is today
so if you have something for me, go ahead and bust it out, there isn't much more time
Track Name: In This Dream We Are Warmed
There's a ruby spot upon your forehead
In my heated moments I have declared war
You are the beast within me. You enslave me
I am the willing one. If we let this go than it will be comin'
there's a ruby spot upon your forehead
inside this dream we are pulsating
is this you?
in this dream we are one head
is this you?