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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Lately I've taken some time to delve into ddb's vast archive of highly unusual stuff, peeking into various recordings. I wasn't able to finish this task yet, but at least I saved a couple of favorites on my wishlist, and "Sq(d)5F110e(90)M" is one of them. The album title, as well as the systematically constructed track names, suggest a series of experimental pieces, but as you might know, Robert Woods-LaDue is always good for a surprise, so it turns out to be one of his most song-oriented works - if the term "song" can be applied to his compositions in the first place. Besides that, it's once again an unpredictable album, as usual. And that's something I really appreciate. Favorite track: 2ndsqwht.
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released August 8, 2007

Where were you when I needed you?


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project --> i-voidhangerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/onkos

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Track Name: 1stsqwht
As far as I can see there ain't nothing else but the dust
what if you and me got together and decided that we must
what will I become what will happen next who will know
I can sing a song can you rebuild my heart oh no

How much can I drive my point home to your house I will write five songs
Will you sing along

I have fell in love with you and your soft across my head
What did you expect you're beautifull you're smart you're alive
what I do now but drive around inside of my house
nothing brings me back to where you are I'm so quiet what to say.
Track Name: 2ndsqwht
Once upon a time, I thought of you
then it became a wish that came out true
why did it occur I'll never guess
but without taking your turn it's emptyness
What will be the worth? (I know)
what will be the rules? (I know)
what if heavan falls? what if hell erupts? What if I get lost?
I'll think of you. What if we go on.....

Would you love me If I wrote this song out for you
Would you love me If I dropped some acid
Would you love me If I came from a building
Would you love me If I told you I loved you
Would you love me If I gave you more options
Would you love me If I talked like I'm on stage
Would you love me If I acted just I used to
Would you love me If I told you I loved you

I am just waiting to open your letter....what if I don't catch you now
I've know you're the best and I've known of your challenge...what if I don't catch you now?

I am thinking hard of things to say
maybe if I try the words will stay
so I will try my best to win the heart
but if it's not enough, will it fall apart?
It's hard to make a point!!! (I KNOW)
it's hard to make some sense!!! (I know)
it's hard to get involved, It's hard to get in style
It's hard to get away...but I will try.
What if we go on....
Track Name: 3rdsqwht
I know less about you but I know a lot
I can return a favor but I live for that
Kill the ackward past life embaress me
all for vicious passion stretched across to see
Drink the lovely bottle fill your eyes with smoke
sand gets in my navel kind enough to be alone
Kill the ackward past life embaress me
all for vicious passion stretched across to see

There's not a lot of time left for us to own
The earth's going to go I will go you'll go
Drink up drink up suck the gold
the breaks on at the beach will bottle toes.

I'm a little taller all for waiting down
Like a little sister trying on a wedding gown
sing with pure intention make the words appear.
all for me to wonder all for me to fear
breathe the calming essence, live at all tonight
"there is no tommorow" slowly turning off the light
Track Name: 4thsqred
All the way down
in the dark your twinkling eyes repeat
patterns that I can recognise
If you follow your sound
you came across a trail
that you can trace back to a heartache
that sails away at night
I won't be around you can see the public part of me
but never recognise the whole beneath
my skin it cries
so tell me right now
there isn't all that much to say I know I know I know

Is it wasting some time, I believe I was cut from your lips
c'mon babey give me one opinoin come on tell me why not
I've been whistling songs, songs that came from nowhere and they end up
frying best and late commit the sound the chopper's shape It's right off

Do you do it for example, am I the newest shape in your mouth
You'll fall like any warrior, what's to hold you back from finally going out?
I can't beat a million, I can't beat a thousand or one
but I will really lose it for you all today if you really want
Is this my example? I can talk to my father now.
all the crafty angles all the ways of finally slipping out
If you please don't love me, could write it down and hundred times?
Just so I could read the empty space that fills up in between your lines

a dinner for one all this time I read across your rolex
Your sweet permission corsing through my veins like an addict fullfilled
When we get done a smile will creep across are solid faces
Now that I have given my exposure will you point and laugh at me.
Track Name: 5thsqwht
There's no way to describe the feeling I have. There's no design to support me, lift me.
But I know that this love that I think is real is able to survive because we let it, give it
Because there's no construction there's no invention, we are left with the mystery of intention
we can look into the future and we wonder if we see ourselves or others
Now I've reached the end and there is no answear. What could I have done? It could have not been faster.
slower than the earth, but quick as any passer. I release the break on the boozer grasser
I drive with my lights off blindly at night. Hoping that I'll car crash into you sometime
maybe we will pull over to the side and look up at the stars in the dark sky of mine

waking up at night to the sounds of my own thoughts in my head I would like to "calibrate" to accept the real
world and the neverending list of things that I'd like to change so I could come "polinate" in your blooming garden
and that would take away all of my questions take away all of my emotion take away all of my virulence and love songs
I am falling in love with you, I hope that's something you'll tolerate

looking at the stars with you in the night sky I reach over and I put in your left hand in mine
the waves are singing songs and beach is listening I can be the wrong person that your kissing
I wish I could go back to the start of this so I coud realistically enjoy this music
If I can write a song or if I could write two maybe I will just never stop this for you