Say Goodbye To The Bone Mother

by ddb

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I feel LA in the back of your eyes it kills me Untie my shoes undress my shirt my fear Pour me a cup of love, a cup that tastes like beer. I live in LA and it proves to be nice, nice to me But I left my home, I gave back all my keys It makes me left, makes me what’s left of me Life is still in the way, in the way of your dreams everyday Let’s get out of town let’s go to the highest peak I won’t wait for you, be strong now don’t be weak
You have the strangest visions I see your silhouette involved in another Day of weather Talking back from astronaut to astronaut babe I asked you not to stray with the sheep, come lay down with us wolves I suck in the very people we have trained to kill the evil Let me please remind you who you are Get off of my tree now--climb down Roll your eyes and set your feet down I’ll be right behind you go ahead of me. lady. Mrs. Lovely-Dovely bake a pie make it your very best your medicine can save me, I will okay babe This will be the day that we will roll out in the grass together cars won’t run us over make love on the sofa I give the king a kiss on his big fat king ring that sits on a hand extended towards me who am I looking out from the very top You can see the end and where it stops let me please remind you who you are I will sing a simple song picture me holding a gun out against the sunset there I breathe I look back when you are not You take my mind, you haunt my thoughts right against the sunset there I breathe I love your sweet biology how did you come to take hold of me I love your talk, I love your letters, Let’s read them out loud together!!!
Father and Song writing out the day. To scare the little ones, scare them right away. Do you believe them, all the things I say? Well I speak the truth now, so don’t be turned away. Don’t mistake me, or confuse my words I’m using English, so I can be heard a common language, do not be disturbed your beauty kills me, you bright uncommon bird Did you get enough there? Was there enough for you? I don’t believe oh, all these things you do. I got some heart in me, I got some heart for you. Until I have you, I will sing untill I’m blue. I guess I won’t ask you anymore
Days are Dark, In my hours I am sickness, I have not been Able to leave this sorrowful house Emptiness was here My strength will never return. I have seen the man He beckons Iwill he get me out of here? I will trust him tomorrow. 7 hearts have proved to me that working on your strengths doesn’t count on eachother, like a mother like a son I remember my dreams all of them I didn’t know the purpose of the world There’s no control here find the other person, strings were attached from the beginning she loves you she wants you to go to her Leave now before she thinks you’re lying We lit a match and told us everything He kept our voices down As we were watched And I realized that he was the liar
I love the mystery game Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Maybe one day it will all be “poof” and gone again!!? This is how the story will roll: “La la” Counting, singing, into: Finding out that we might be you. This is a slow trip in the summer. Maybe I’ll see you next summer. I love the mystery game All the money we have spent is finding it’s way back to the source of money so that we can earn it back I punched my time card into your slot so that you knew that for today I am through
I recall the time with a twist and a smile. I wrapped my fist on the door. You shook your head; your hair followed your “no” You made it clear what it was. I didn’t care. I was getting lost I wanted to find the good gold at the bottom of a red rainbow because it was my gold that I lost in an effective storm But I never got it back, and I couldn’t understand at all--why So you retreated to your heart and reinforced the walls with gum. The next 10 years were bitter, straight, and long. I did not forget you, but the cold must keep on. Then everything suddenly changed. we were not prepared. Your life just simply melted away. Oh no oh no oh no And I fell straight into love with you the moment that you died My heart turned itself in right when your eyelids gave up. Someone once told me this:c “When you become to attached to something, it is a gift when that something is taken away.”
Your abscence tastes the cinder mint I will take you with my medicine over the table of the room we’re in) I won’t back down, to you push me off My writings shelter all my lonely thoughts. I feel warmer in the daily sun, It’s hard enough to break me down, I can’t wait for once. people like me love people like you and every gesture all the things you do record themselves make me something brand and every time I feel alone your memory gets inside and makes it’s home but that’s okay because I love it all this times oh so different because you’re it all
Under the hill, there’s a girl who thinks she’s dead. She reminds of somone else who she hangs upon her head I think it's you..... I’d live if I were you, if I had had your name I’d count all my numbers through youth untill old age is the pain But that's okay there's a hole that she hides in, she walks into webs and she gets spiders on her I'm never going to pull her out even if she were my daughter she can stay theere..... she'll be safe at least, down in that hole I'm fighting a beast, and at least I'm not cold I will stay here..... It’s the last lip of the sun just before it has set and the night is upon you. It’s the last thing you can remember before falling asleep the night before It’s the last bit of land that you can see before the ocean completely surrounds you. It’s the last bit of words you read in a book before burning it
The well is dry. What will we drink from?. If we don't drink, we will die. The wind is gone. So the air hangs like a corpse from last week. At least I'm alone.


Recorded on The Bone Mother


released January 1, 2006


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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