Protect 2: Another Tome Straight to Your Dome

by ddb

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Frustrated by your lack of teeth, you take owl to get a loan from the loan store. They say they will make you up an extension. (Not completely real... but okay...) That’s a lot to take around with you in your bag yeah.... yeah... I know that. I’m sorry about the extra weight. Just like the friends around are thinking of you. They have their own dreams too. Elsewhere the astronauts are telling racist jokes .....the golden hole. between each individual strand of soap we favor I am somewhat embarrassed by his lack of tact in asking this question on a first date, but not so much that I don’t want to see how this plays out without the keys, no one can enter the locks this is a new snake thing, I think —— popular? stretch before doing any heavy Yeah take it home like Doug E. Fresh Bless it like it’s hella blessed Smashing glasses on my face Now that I’m bleeding, I can relate Every word you’re hanging on terrified but growing strong take a shot of tanquerrey seasoned to perfection with Old Bay Stupid jokes will make you fat stacks of new cheese to cheese your face with ~~~DUH No one ever told me I was broke, then I just was… ~~DUH I want a shopping cart full of goodies I want a bucket full of gooseberries Fuck that I want a real-ass goose, take it home, pet it then set it loose hang up my socks with a velvet noose recline by the fire reading old-time books Your books are boring: please give them away, give them to me now I can rewrite you, rewire your programs, pop up in windows ....You're Stalling...... Given them away, assign a new name, What if a thousand birds try to talk to you? Lying through their beaks.
How to be the overwhelming majority I am a rice cake enthusiast memories erased sequentially - you are screaming like a horror movie victim jellyfish doing their fucking jellyfish thing I dunno that’s not my department All beered up and no place to go you are the whimsical children’s story I am Taylor Swift in this metaphor disinterested stockholders forgotten and left outside getting up to speed on the latest episodes layer cakes We, the conquest keepers digest the evening’s news with alarming irregularity Elsewhere, cotton-tailed and bush eyed children pretend to suffocate the president Pretender… Forget about the precedent you’ve set Mark my word I am cotton woven hair: a spiders net Mark hath heard that I am caught in a million heads I’m never overheard I’m always directly said from the mouth I fall right out of town breaking off the highest branch I’m the king of falling down. falling down falling out I'm lonely now I fell right out
wait for a while let your body fall from endless blackness into light wait for my endless time from anticipation to the heart take what you need why don't you take, what you need tell me move forward every breath you breathe in the flavor of the air, you're the one you're the salt of the sea fall into light fall into light why don't you pass me off your apathy one day you'll find you've fallen madly in love with your mailman that mailman's lookin fly as hell
A Crayon in a box by itself I don't want you to...... Leave it alone while you still got the chance Flame all my cousins for what you can Leave me a lone if you care That would rice.... rice-a-roni Tell you what, we'll meet in the back and drive.. Drive all night long Please help me, allow my eyes the clarity perfection such a rarity, Shortened pant Exposing knee slowly bending into an apology, come tell me come tell me do you manage these Do you handle this? When was our first opportunity missed? a forgotten love has slipped off the list The boss that frowns upon the sight of shitty kiss when the gods come down they notice A mandible dropped a shaken golden wrist I know what I want to waste: I want it limitless The farthest cousin you have into a foreign void The connections are thin as is the weakest of joy form a bond a hook a new chemical alloy eso es lo que quiero, así yo me voy A woman slowly reaches into her gigantic marsupial pouch style front pocket and pulls out an oversized hardcover. "Another Tome straight to your dome…." she begins to read out loud. Several onlookers decide suddenly to update their their tithe quantities to almost nothing. The grizzly bear minimum. A pack of bears riding motorcycles sudden explode for no reason. Their guts get all over you. Your teary eyes begin to fill the room around you. Before long, your eye water has met up with other waters downstream. The waters get mixed up together and start heading towards the oceans on motorcycles. The waters are all wearing leather jackets. The waters turn into bears. When the story is over, t he woman self replicates a perfect copy except for that she has vol. 2 of the book to read. Spaghetti And Meatballs, Turkey Sandwich, Sausages, Hard-Boiled Eggs


Geneva Harrison
Devin Smith
Matt Hettich
Bob LaDue


released April 24, 2015

The protect game


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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