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You might be perfect Chances of being caught escalate the thrill of having thoughts even the end of it all comes with a chance to win Windows and and window sills allow for the cat to stretch and yawn Yawn and you can see in the mouth of everybody's face Facing the setting sun as it rises into the night sky sky planes in deleted veins that wind around encircling your neck necklace your wore to bed that got caught and then you choked to death Death in your family that caused you to become king Living off of all enternity exclusively Leave me out of it You might be perfect
With my hands I change my plans for me. I'm lead cutter and all my efforts you see This girl can speak in a regular voice At any time I can make a new choice. A partial grave with coffee dripping always down the side so it bears the name your designing it for This name is brushed across the skin and bronzed within signs Arising everyday and dusting off the lore You didn't care well I can't help you there It's every time a vase of water flowers falls I Go home The tinyest one Look at these lionesses advancing sing the portraits tired of songs
When I am in a room with you I never never can move Moving water across the paper The freezing fingers freezing lips my near extremities slow down I am made out of the thinnest grey air I act as all force that holds this map together for you When I woke up today "That's when I try to shoot you with my bow and arrow " The sky was still grey "That's when I try to shoot you with my bow and arrow " I tied my clothes together so I could look good for you You look so tall that I can't climb your mountain's walls A day awake, a day asleep, I walk past my extremeties I take one look and you are there and you are looking off somewhere else When you smiled at me "That's when I try to shoot you with my bow and arrow " I saw your teeth "That's when I try to shoot you with my bow and arrow " Waiting...waiting....thinking....thinking.....smiling.....smiling.... You're thinking alone, you're thinking alone It would be easier if you were my bow and arrow
write a note for myself to see I've some love hidden inside of me I see my note up from yesterday I've some love that I hide away As a reminder I write a note A simple simple quote I see the note I was meant to see I've Hidden love inside of me I read the note and I write the note The note is mine to have But there are some things I want know So I turn it over and ask. What should I do with my solidity Let it go it's no use anymore Why do I feel so anonymous That's a side effect of being so autonomous What should I do with my singing voice? Write some words down and pass them along Why don't feel like I have a choice? Put your whole head into it, just trust me....I know! I feel so unsure oh I feel so unsure. When the sun rises I grab the day When the time comes I'll be okay. When the question is asked I'll know what to say I still feel uncertain anyway I feel so unsure but I am still alert. Nothing seem to be secure What do I do with another human being? I don't know what to celebrate.
Well I don't know you You've got a body like ten submarines. I've seen it before but never out of water I'm sure we've never met. I never forget anything that happens to me I can hang out later this week but not right now, I've got something to do And you can't come with me it's true. Into the sink goes the water that I kept in the jar for safekeeping and I don't regret this I can't remember a time when saving all this water has actually helped at all Now that I've emptied the bottle is ready for more silly water that comes from your eyes when You cry a tear for the gold rings on your fingers and I hold my bottle beneath your eyes. Yeah I'm sure we've never met. But I don't see any reason not to get upset. oh There's a long ass line of cars, but I don't know if you should get involved Your soul is weaker than your heart. I'll give your face a punch into the nose. I found a crack pack stuffed into your backpack You're trying to combat but you always have to backtrack I live in a great part of town. So knock down my door when you come around.
A girl that seems to need a lot from me asks me for compassion and understanding and time sweet time I let in her in a give little smiles little smiles a little time Another girl that shows up once and leaves leaves for good I wish that she would come back and just stay stay with me She let's me in and gives little smile I don't know if I really love her
Tender Like the rain Like a storm Like a flood Spilling out Of the door through the walls like blood. Folded like the knuckles into fists making gestures, killing hard With the tounge, with the gun, with the sun. The body lies, I swear, the body lies, Don't believe yourself Mirror your life, Look outside, The body lies Every day. I am faced with the decisions I make, and those that I cannot. Even Those Can mean a lot. And I know when it's my thought. I have control. I'm in my head. But when it's not. Is it not me.
The mississippi river goes STRAIGHT from Canada TO MEXICO, skipping america entirely. Floating down the river from Mexico to Canada there are many barges filled with valuble goods for trading I live on a house boat that is stuck in an eddy Sweet and sour pork for the lunch and break-fer-rast Peeling out of resturant park in mexico My house is a Furniture Ark It's unfair how hot she looked in those pants they were neon and of course bright pink I think I don't really remember a lot of times I've seen a hotter pair of pants, let's dance My evening is laced with the touch of steel Finely tuning the machine with gauze and Your conserving your words or your thoughts I can help you because you are lost I live in mississippi and I also live canada both of these places are my house and home. I fell in love with your daughter I fell in love with your wife I just fell in love with your little sister and her sweet life
I feel like I'm breathing oceans I pull in and out like the tides I give the order, I check the time, We sigh together, It's your and mine I come prepared, and You come alone I carry guard, you carry stone I carry nothing, I give a song I beg forgiveness, I know I'm wrong If you come out tonight, I'll take you back home. But you should be warned, in your state of mind You will surely find, what you want to find This isn't normal, This isn't safe This isn't sleeping, we're not awake, I wake the giant, but he falls asleep, I catch the serpent, he escapes breath I need your attention, I need your stare I warn the others, they never care But now I feel like I'm breathing oceans I pull in and out like the tides The seas run green through my veins The drowned are on my side. We are Underwater
take me down from this cloud put me to work and I'll make you proud. I can't see a thing through this fog, it makes everything I do just take so long pull me through this deep dark blue and let me feel what you call truth I promise you, although I'm afraid, if you invite me then there I'll stay I spend all my days just waiting in vain for that rain to come and wash this haze away I'm been stuck in a cloud and I can't find my out I spend all my days just wasting away I pray and I pray it's not too late to be saved I'm been stuck in a cloud and I can't find my out
You stand to lose I stand across the street with friends You might be following me to your death You hold on to the things you have... you soak us with the torrents of regret. Drenched We have our hand holds I'll the ride the joke into the ground I can't live at all without sound I'll trade my tounge out for a loud mishappen love that comes to me and stays


released February 1, 2011


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project --> i-voidhangerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/onkos

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