Number Thousand

by ddb

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Lentil Sea 01:40
Thank you for coming back
Your smile is deep I takes me down. Your knees are pretty I'll scrape them like pavement Cuz I'm sharp and cutty and I need you and you need me I've outlived the burden and I payed all of your money yeah Cap Raza Beats I lay down I sleep now I wish that heat came from me and now slows me I know I'm losing every meter that goes by I top the crests and my ears pierce the silent cry There's a million particles that float in every sky There's a million floating walls get me right There's a million burning years that don't show until your mine
Don't fail your garden linked to the hilt Given to touch silk I live in milk my regular friends don't have any I don't have any regular friends My escape was fatal as fatal as can be to the others Prayer light. Animals prayed in flashing prayer lights. the prey in sight we prayed all night You are a bear made out of flowers that floats in a fire You are a greek that made up the idea of a ground You are a girl that sings throat songs into my breath machine Fear sounds Fear is the sound that drives me around in sound town
Puddle Ducks 00:43
I represent a law firm. But I am not a lawyer. If the captain wants to litigate now He'll have to pay me more than he is right now. And in a minute I would say: "You ducked my lunch" There's men in suits that are in love with you. Too bad for the old Puddle Ducks
I am waiting for a dream I am counting up the sheep till I sleep A dream is witness to a world birds of flight feathered and twirled eyes of pearl I went walking down the trail. with me I took an empty pail. tooth and nail The clouds were hovering above Pressures low like losing love speaking of I arrived upon the stream Water deep and blue and clean everything I dipped in the pail I had until the top was flush with it just a tad Pulling out a pail of blue not knowing where it was going to not a clue Traveling is pure inside Keeping us out from demise I'm alive Arriving on a second stream I poured out my water dream transfering Mixing waters from afar never knowing why they are what they are
ha ha ha I left you standing on the stack of fruit ha ha ha I gave you a piece of bark while you shared ha ha ha I never agreed to help you find your steel ha ha ha I never agreed to write above you where you are . Your cemetary lines are showing everytime you smile. The crematory doors are swinging in the forest when you smile. That's enough there....let's plug up and get it done..... I gotta get it home let's learn a novelty, let's earn it in our own way. For one and all for one and all Covered with all the paint we found Covered with all of the sound Adhesive used all of our glue
tza tza tza 00:45
Receipt I'm 100% glad that you brought this to my attention before it's gone There are certain things that don't need to be retained anymore and this is one of them A heart everyday for breakfast will help you to move your day along. you'll never true love understand this but eventually I'm going to melt I heard a voice in the cave whisper tza tza tza
Let's go farther than the orphan's house on the end of the break Text can't follow me all the time I'm listening to new bands break All along a necklace there was weight that strung like threads of hell Pulling half of a dozen of eggs out of the tract and into my cell . You slept on a thousand eggs and not a single yolk did break. I stabbed all of the waitresses and millions more kept serving me You got drunk and drove your car into a swimming pool and died I read breaking news everybody's heart is broken but their fine I said a good thousand times that I am never coming back Me and my brothers and my sisters said with me this full attack I wish I had taken the life that matches the brain I took i don't love the thrill of the eat I much prefer the thrill of cook
Set up by guns. you know my purpose I completed the dragon Knowing the way to get home is so important for you now that I might tell you a secret. What's the secret? What may I discover in your mouth? Fire my guns. You know my purpose. Set up by guns. you know my purpose I completed the dragon. All the little pieces were apart. Fixing him up was not a tale of luck. I completed the dragon. Now I know myself. Now I know myself. And that's all I need to know.
I owe it a friend that I used to know years ago. I can't wait until the day I get out of here I will be a free man. I will see the sun. The living sun. Why my life came with such a tax I'll never know
Let's clone the clothes we wear and share Let it gain Let it gain It's the momentom that I hope is there. I will speak my voice out and clear the air It's insane it's insane But I know that it is the only year. I guess you'll have to hold on for another year I will try, I will try, I'm putting marbles in between my ears. You see the circle glass reflect the home that you thought that you had lived in all alone The refraction now tells off of new faces that have always been your fears They haunt the corners and the closets and the treetops you have not visited all of your home yet so can we start to clone yet. I've got the problem solution for you to take home home home It won't work at all but It's something you've been waiting for Refill your wounds with molten rocks. Use your throat to swallow clocks. make the effort to become engulfed and soul. Take the time to readjust your language to this world. The Best Thing about love is when you give yourself up then you've still got one that's there to be The best thing about life is the relentlessness of all the possibilities The worst part about it all is there is no way to save up all the ideas that come to me . You have to be on call today because tommorow is something that we cannot see.
here's someone in the restroom I guess you'll have to hold it. there's someone in the restroom right now There's someone in the bathroom And everybody knows it There's someone in the bathroom right now There's a line a-stretchin' There's some folks awaiting There's a line stretching out now there's someone in the restroom We're going to have to hold it there's someone in the restroom right now I can see the expressions on the faces of all of the people that are now forced to wait and I think it's funny how uncomfortable everyone is feeling in their bodies right now
I want you to be kept up in my furlong coat Don't you see 'semblance all up in my eyes Are you touched by my words? Did I touch you in the face with my sweet honey? That's right I know it can be famous for you. So get you gig rag. We've reached rock top now, and we get tagged in big photos online I can't shop for any logs I got Just a small window time, and no more zig zags The dark road is above me. So I'll take my time and walk Driving is crazy. and I need some phone calls to talk, there's a leak in the bucket Your love is keeping me free. Your touch is always okay with me. You are nothing that I don't want and as it comes let it go and if there's some to break the strong stones. How much did it cost you ask how much did you pay. When money is involved than I know that I'm okay. I'm okay with smushing the food in my face. cuz my face is the place for the food to get cooked and erased. Sliding down the wet backs of the villains of enchanted sea characters. I'm allergic to crap. "What are all your songs based on?" I said I don't know sometimes I hit drums. Sometimes I don't know. Horatiu Radelescu Vasen Beach Boys Disgorge Chris Tart Beck Blur Blow Boards of Cananda, Syndrone, Helmut Lachenmann, Huun Huur Tu, Amandinda, Jimi Hendrix, Hella, ANR, Bela Fleck, Lightning Bolt, Los Papines, Mahavishnu, Marnie Stern, Mats and Morgan, Michael Jackson, Gorguts, Morton Feldman, Airship Rocketship, Wake, Lithops, Letter people, Messiean, Tribal Tech, Mike Patton, Dolls, Sting, Zelda, Secret Cheifs 3, sleepytime, Secret Mommy, John Cash, John Zorn John Coltraine, John Greenwood, John Scofield, John Hancock, John McLaughlin, John Psathas, John Grier, James Brown, James Chance, In Flames, Iggy Pop, Deeds of Flesh, Devourment,
don't forget your lie Don't forget the lies that you told. Your lie is the thing that changes some small part of your life the way you want it to be forever and all There is like a lie for every occasion just make sure that the one you use isn't off limits or else You could find yourself in a hold. And it is completlely impossible to find your way out of a hold With Witch Hunter Gatherer Buy the big house
I heard somebody a foot. I know someone talked our secret's not safe. I'm alone today it's somebody's fault it's people that fail. I'm one of all All am I one. I declared you a variable I frida Kahlod your mom's I stuck my foot in your food. It's greasy to be less with your dreams. The night we killed a dog was the night you felt the stream. and ever since now on.... I can touch the end of machine mints. I know that it's okay So long as I'm not careless with my dream I'm marking a throat With helium wire arrested by goat Alienated entire
I know I'm doing this correctly. I know I'm doing everything right Why are you still dying? I named each one of you separately. "Trolling Day" is alive. "Table Cover" is alive. "Shelving" is alive "Test Subjects always die" "Heat Source" is Alive "Note Worth" is alive "Fennel Seed" is alive "Test Subjects always die"
Do you see the sword in the star Amongst the lights that blink every night. The blade enveloped to the hilt a bleeding star to reference for direction Where did it go? I saw it just last night. is it gone forever?
Will Of Arm 04:07
arrow struck the way Follow now clock arm in your vein ticking out Will of Arm will say What you want. Falling in Harms Way Don't get out.


released September 15, 2009


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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