Now The Honnibler Stonshing Wondrous

by ddb

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Urmat 6 and hanko Whethen pour temmaro This is beuty Decken renders toe gurr A R set---4 9 E---10 this R-----Cry out loud When G Y---45----Killing 60----temmaro Jukeboxer selexive. Tissent mand, port of ovello made mammy end the patso.
Well, here we are now*. Never more perfect, never more perfect. Who am I now, now that she is a part of me? Now what? Who made this stuff up? It’s perfect! Kinhaven, and the things that could never be forgotton. Am I really here right now? Yeah, right now, you’re here. So LET’S REVIEW!!! They sell nature in bottles now. I have eyes that can make onions water. Oh what I would do for just one kiss in the Jenny Brook. Horns and Teeth: “It had only been a day, and the horns were already growing back.” If I don’t commit to this, I could giggle my life through prison, because being trapped is funny. “Your parents are still in love”------“Very much” “Will you come with me to the creek at night in the rain and submerge ourselves in the mud and then cry until we starve to death because this is what love is supposed to be! Hugs and kisses find their way to the rocks and the wrong lips. You understand, and I know you do!!” I was becoming so shy, I had to start averting my eyes from my own piercing glance in the mirror. One day, I will find my endless staircase. Gabe-the-face carries around a razor he calls contraception. The gift of mystery---give it to me now, or I’ll give it to you.
Once a pawn a time, there was a tired juice that sipped slowly from the latrine. It cried for control in dark rocks that even ice could not escape. This drip knew itself well, it was good, it was a person, it knew it’s own name. This fluid was learning.
Catching the the hobbits’ sweet hands for Golem to tie to other hands We love Russian Spies Sneak around, sneak around, look at what we’ve found down here….. NO!!!!!!!!!!!! It is Aragorn Bra + Panties set, New from Mattel Notice how, No one in the movie ever has to take a piss. They must hold-they must hold it ---WOW!!
Nevermind my Aunt Jenna, she’lle be telling us bednight stories tommorow. And when you don’t understand one of the words that emit from her dated pie-hole…. You must’nt’t’nt’t. You must’nt’t’nt’t. You must’nt’t’nt’t You must’nt’t’nt’t ask her what it means. FOR IN THE BACK DAY or BACK FOR DAY THE IN or BACK IN THE DAY. They had a little thing called Rhinoceros Day. An elefant or elephant disguised as a Rhino would come to the circus and his name was Suoreconihr Yad. He came from Egypt or Tpyge. Then he asked people random questions---the same questions---every year. I missed the “for”-“four” I missed the people. I miss the people---you people want to kill the tradition. THE RHINOCERAS DAY CODA JOE I’m a real man. I drive a chevy pick-up truck. I get drunk every night. I live in a dirty trailer. I smoke ciggerettes. I go to strip bars. I have a mullet. I hate homosexuals. I think that the U.S. army rocks. I beat the shit our of my wife. I’m a real man. I think Rhinoceros day is fucked up and gay WENDY I’m a disabled person. I deserve more respect than you do. I am at the top of this list of priorities. I idolize Christopher Reeves. I know what it’s like to be truly miserable. I am miserable. I am proud of who I am. I think I speak for all persons who have a physical or mental impairment. I like what Rhinoceros day is about. PETER I am lonely and estranged I am the sensitive artist who thinks that everyone hates him. I drink earl-gray tea. I have had the same shoes for three years. I have something to say. Nevermind. You won’t listen. I feel overly sorry for myself.
As the rain poured forth, we began our conversation; “Pleasant afternoon to you all” I started “We’re not going to waste time with you for long, this is your only chance” “This concerns me in a much different way than you may think.” “It doesn’t matter, you know that we are right” “and I know only what…..” Before we could finish our conversation, the boat suddenly exploded, killing us all.
Let’s play “the mystery foot” The steamy principle caught both of it in the CHAUCET doing poo-poo’s on eachother. Then he exploding up juice near the drink. I needed better bad books. Little naughty fingers thaught it well that we’d Saturday flougel porns. (they were needed.) I want to watch you wait in line for the bathroom until your lips fall off your face. This is getting much too ‘vomity’ I realized that that was what she meant, and that that was just the menstrual cycle talking. I was about to celebrate a human birthday when all of the suddenly the phone rang, and it was you. I hope you never get to safe-land Chicken and a Rocket I got needles in my pocket I hope you never find the pass-through ou dulls strangle poodles , and who is that? I hope never mark my words, son Dangerous curves can kill everyone I hope you can come to get me. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s gonna be Evert Choothed Lamentah 40 times heathall If you don’t support the disorder You would parish with 20 of Jesus.
Don’t step on my tale, while I tell it. I also need complete silence because it makes me feel more powerful. This is the only fun part of this dumb job. (which I got through a friend whom you don’t know. ) Today is Rhinoceros Day, so make sure you’re all wearing your pellets and that they are all turned on. You see, Rhinoceros Day has a tradition that goes back for….um… …..well ……do you guys smell that?! Ugh!! That’s disgusting!! I’m getting out of here right away!! Sincerely signed, Dave Parente
Sit doe the tall gray fake-----He makes a jammy in what 5? Hash though she finally make ---He makes a jammy in what 5? Peasznnn. ( you’re his srweet darlz ) He makes a jammy in what 5? Seven mess in the parlz He makes a jammy in what 5? Can we all cry along today? There’s fifty guys out there there’s no way!!! Porta 03 springz. Let’s do that saw jig in that 9! Crest du je bete sept parle Come on and saw jig in the 9!! frisee et who mangeons Get up and saw jig with that 9!! Get Down….get Temps to Rull get on get on with the 5-9
Welcome to Buffalo! You haven’t traveled far, but there’s not much to see here! You smell like turpentine, but I think that that’s cool, because I wish I did too. I think turpentine smells good. Welcome back to Buffalo! You ain’t been gone long, but I betcha it’s real good to be home!
From Me In the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, on the fifth day of the month, as I was among the exiles of our earth, I felt altogether pleased. I had ice to swim in and three beautiful eggs that would soon hatch. This temporarily cooled in my mouth of madness. Gauge #5 said the ice was almost ready to be opened right about the time that Gauge #7 said that the pressure in the room was just right for me to make the dip. Becoming overly excited, I changed into my ice clothes and dipped in. How could the ice be any more sweet and white-blue than it was this thirtieth year, fourth month, fifth day? As I swept the cascades between the ice there was part of me that pulled for a reflection of my eggs. My eggs (were) had a shadow blue tone with perfect healthy curves and shells tougher than stone. The larger one always lay consistently on its side, while the other ones wobbled everywhere. Names were given to them as Turod Score, Fred’s Dog, and Herron. I could not stand the wait for their first births. After this reflection, I felt inside me that the Renin’s Between was going to happen to me very soon. Feeling very scared, as the future was uncertain. The Renin’s Between seeped underneath the cracks in my skull, very delicately. My passion was reduced to a feeble whisper, and a toll was taken from me. I collapsed into emptiness like falling into love. In the months to come, several important things would happen. First, the Renin’s Between would kill two of my three eggs, however, the remaining egg would hatch. After years of incubation, Fred’s Dog was finally alive. Once hatched, he would kill me for food, and I would gladly die for the cause. Finally, the principle planet---Earth, would be transformed into a bizarre 2-dimensional magnet and all of its life forms would either die or be forced to edit their shape. Fred’s Dog grew into marvelous beauty and strength that I could not match. He went all the way back to Earth as to explain to the people which things happened. Progress was hindered slightly to grow full. No pain was wasted. From The Nortch The World had taken on a strange dark shape. It looked like the crescent moon but with a bulge near the top. We all stuck to it’s surface like two-dimensional magnets. We all felt a good relieved warm feeling closer we lived to the pointed tip near the bottom of the world. The closer to the bulge at the top we lived, the more it felt like the world was a globe again, back when we were kids. We called the bulge the Nortch. Some people liked to visit near the Nortch for vacation, but never on it. Fred’s Dog came from the far side of Nortch, he lived on the Nortch Ocean. That was why he was so frightening to begin with. He claimed to know about why the world had changed and how it happened. This is the story that he told us: || There were several hunting, || “You saw it too!!!” → “Let’s use weapons and catch it” → “It can’t get too far!!!” || They realized it’s boundaries as the limits of their imagination. || “I dream of it’s taste on my plate.” → “Shut up and run!!!”→ || This continued for several years….|| || There were several being hunted: || “Languid: The restful period preceding a great disaster.” → “Unable to flee, we must arouse the only true options we own.” → “One, facing death with teeth and spit. Two is transforming into the dead. What is three?’ → “What is three?” → “There is always three.” → “It is to retreat or backstep the bodies of our agressors.” → “We will travel deep in their necks, so that we can see their patterns.” || A descision was never made……|| || The interval was spent of running and deciding, and it gradually ascended for years. Life gets faster, while time manages to get on much slower. The story, as it has been told, is grave, although, life hasn’t returned yet. When she does, she will give acknowledgement of the scene and the acts. || || There were several, tired of hunting || “My feet have cracked it’s bacon! And I want them to be filled again.” → “I know what!” ( A pilgrimage to church and pretends to pray ) “Ah! Where is thou, that beast!” → “Before dawn, we’ll make it to be owned” || They sang prophecies of devourment for the feast they had yet to have caught. || || There were several, tired of being called ‘hunted’ || “If their crude double barreled tounge had happened to lick what it spawned……” → “We could’ve run also, but not for longer.” || They bittered || “On the edge of the principle planet, Earth, our future narrows.” || Then, an interruption…|| || Life was born again as a series of commands. First for the hunted: || “You are dripping with the fears of children, you must soak in the courage of rocks.” She whispered. “Peal back your fingernails and lick what’s underneath for me!” || And then, the hunters…..|| “Minds; too busy with internal affairs to be bothered by issues of the body.” She signaled. “Wait here” || and that was the last anybody ever saw of her….|| From Then On The people were accepting and understanding of the things that Fred’s Dog told them, but because of other reasons, they killed and ate him.


This Album was recorded mostly in Eaton Residential Hall at University of Miami

Now The Honnibler Stonshing Wondrous.

This is what life is: a green jaw against a brown sky. The skeleton’s jaw. This is what life is. User friendly suicide schematics for you. This whole city was designed for you. You will built this problem, You will destroy yourself. Will never be more thiam. I am nothre. You cannot see me parce que je n’y suis pas. Look about how many of me there are!! This is a fight that you can’t win. I am invisible. I am invisible. I will kill, to keep me from killing myself. Everybody begins to smell at the beauty of humanity during his or her own age. I found my first bug underneath my skin near my arm. I tried to get, but it receded into the warm cavity; my muscle. Then I laughed at myself in the mirror for another 25 minutes. This is what life is all about.
If I don’t learn how to spell, I swear to God I’ll gather.


released June 1, 2004


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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