Glass in Everyone's Tongue

by ddb

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Throughout a breath, there are holes and mountains. I find myself negotiating the terrain with derisive success A portfolio of ideas emitted so carefully The gallery displayed; I observe width no depth. Fat like a car, like a man like, a woman is your tounge 3 ways to go, 3 roads out, 3 dimensions, for your air You speak but you have no authority I'll give you clues but your owls must detect this for themselves You know that we can't be lovers until these problems are solved the details worked out Tell me another one Wait for the end of the pulse to tell me that you will not have anything to do with me in this short life we live So go on your way and enjoy your listless recovery Remembering these words, they display width; no depth The ...courage boat.. left before... we could get on... and ride it.
I can feel your breath blowing across the field of hair that's on my arm. ( in an arm that I could cut off) Care for me in all my times of woe and I will promise you a worm. ( though it was the only worm I had) I admit it I committed all the super artificial sins and sleepings you predicted that I would not share. With the aid of all the best technology above the stars and moon (moon me as the car drives off in the day) We can solve the problems of the world We should give the graveyard in your hands We can signify the massive breakfast that awaits in open war.
It's a cold day, oh doubt. You creep in and out. Why do you care? You touch like a hard comb, so close to my brain I'm not alone. What you do is okay for me What a cold day I'll not forget, everytime I make every thing, I will sit back and relate to him. My breath on yours. It gets you where you want, unless you want to go home. Home you have to find all by yourself This time you are the cataylyst for it
The far thin donkey you can catch You make me die out of style I live the touch of your Sally Third Much less important than you think I count the smiles in the drain sweet arbitrary confrontations Woah you can give me back what I had creative telepathic government Oh My God hollywood won't you Drop my name Drop my name You've done so much bad with your time so many decisions made wrong your personality is flawed do you think you are ready to turn you life around. but It's never done spinning me so many infections are here don't try to make them disapear do you think you are ready to turn you life around. It's convincing her that's it's time he contradicts himself today he will repeat it anyway I didn't ask for salad or a picture of it I didn't ask for food although I should Iron's a tease for me and I can't capture in it but I rely on cops and other gods
He does not even know why, he can count or speak. Surely feeding his legs and arms to the truth ---- would result with the beginning of a frightening infancy. He more than anything, wanted the sweet sensation of being home. But he didn't know what his home was, or who he loved. So he emptied his thoughts. Now he Crawled across the floor in search of crumbs, but he stood so that he looked tall. The subtle surprise of the kingdom did not reflect off his legacy of request He stood looking down a one way street that was constructed on his dead reasons. There could be no end to this journey, but he might as well go. It would take his focus off of this long wait for the end of his life. There is needle at the top of his eye. There is a shoe he wears inside of his foot. There is a heart he keeps out back of his house. There is a mask that he wears by himself. He talks to shadows and he knows all their names. What he doesn't know keeps us alive
erwigvanilla Marbles! woah! Baby baby all things in alignment I find out, your faking what's for faking most, oh no you can't cuddle all up apple butter But you CAN give me nothing, within reason, uh... die completly? Capture what you claim you've captured ask me when you think you've mastered all a little faster, faster thinking, faster drinking getting plastered, kicking asses of the bastards taking wallets, taking rastersizing classes with the masses of all the little lasses Touchy foot!! shut your fuck! Jimmy Jimmy carjack freely in the kitchen you seem to take more than you "want" I don't need to pay you any money, because her brassiere's like a rerun all the time her buttered bust is gravy and your milky toast is tasty like the test tone that we tested in the 80s Gracely put you favorite sneakers in the closet with your knickers off and make me think of: her brassiere's like a rerun all the time Captain Comb-over licked his last lemon and chucked the core over the next fence. What we saw wasn't anything new... what could we do? Maybe most men will profit as they slide away up in their car But if that's possible you just might as well give out on it today because bellyaching brings bad business in the big old oak tree.
Guarantee my sailing, I lift above. Make it written down, Kick it rolling on… It’s freakin’ me out, I love your mouth sounds. It’s totally gone. That’s what we paid for. I am stuck here backwards. Don’t you see that I’ve got flaws. don’t give into elastic laws. It’s forever all because. Show me your fantastic I need help in every way. I lost my sense of today. There’s no reason why I say. I’ll just get a coffee. I’ll just get more coffee. I just need a coffee. Would you get some coffee? Just go get a coffee. I would like some coffee C’mon grab that coffee. Let’s go grab some coffee. I am stuck here backwards. Don’t you see that I’ve got flaws. don’t give into elastic laws. It’s forever all because. Show me your fantastic I need help in every way. I lost my sense of today. There’s no reason why I say. Just go get a coffee Just go get a coffee Just go get a coffee Just go get a coffee
You squeeze your eyes out tight when soap gets in your ears. I marked the time by all the fears that you might not have had. Otherwise a heart that burns a fire gives it's luck I brewed you green tips with the flower so I could fall in love but down here on home plate I'll tell you what I'm trying to say You served me a loneliness that only I could huff With myself I'm all alone I got the cold, I'm all alone I'm safe from home, inside of the core oh no Find the dragon's corner, and give him the slip. In my life I've never held a shit. (shield) I've already given out. Facing frowning hand gives, and massively lost elisions. The entire gibbous phrase Got to get my way out, got to find my way back in. I need to see the blank canvas. the calming of aesthetic call me a static headache You're an added surreal dream love love Your punkied curried eyes love love love love love Close the door on sleep love love love love love Slip my dream into your mouth love love love love love


Songs that were written about you in 2008 and 2009.


released October 20, 2009

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ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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