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Special thanks to Will Northlich-Redmond
Special thanks to Reeve Schumacher
Special thanks to the Crucible

Love to Sarah Woods


released March 3, 2016

This album was MASTERED by the mighty hand of Sean Price at Misery Loves Company in Oakland.

Dust Constellations was composed by the king of freedom: Reeve Schumacher.


A short bit about this album.

Expect lots of percussion, vocals, synths and guitars.

These songs were written/recorded between 2013-2016, most of them late 2015. Many of these songs are about the process of making an engagement ring for my fiance. Many of the ambient sounds that appear on the album are audio recordings of the jewelry studio. The stone that I was setting is a benitoite stone, which has a light blue color, that some may consider to be 'cerulean'. Caelum is the latin root word for cerulean and that is the reason the album is named as such.


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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Track Name: The Head is Torn, The Curse is Lifted
[aki a song dry]
i feel like my head is being torn
I don’t know what I’m supposed to be
I don’t know what I need
I feel like my head is being torn
I know that my hand is over yours
We hold our song
I think that my heart is getting lost
I wish that my dreams would become clearer
I feel like my head is being torn
I feel my hand slipping out of yours
should it all be gone?
where will I land?
where is this going?
Where is the plan?
Track Name: Uhope4Steak [Thirty Hamback]
[Sawing Silver]
With the world I am awake damn as early as I can, 4am, I’m sure there is a reason that you shot me, I am connecting now to aki
I’m one pollinated tako

dive in deep into exhaustion.
Tired misty corona round the soul.
you’re such a discussion

When I come forward I am out of line as we combine my steps are misaligned
I’m mis-prepared with tender love, I tend to carry the kind of touch that cries when you misplace a good foot from solid stair, a purse that’s filled up with tiny tears.

fold into a new life.
I am feel a bit behind the step
Confused by conversations on the phone

I left the store before I bought
I ran into someone I know
I half listened then I drove away with nowhere to go

diving down into the dungeon
Try to write it down before you fall asleep


[thirty hamback]
Track Name: Astray, Obscured
[I feel ok][Hidden Goul2 ][The hand one is dealt]
venerable being presence item
noteworthy item
noteworthy things are going on all around, you have gone off
all around / inclusive / comprehensive / multifaceted / ubiquitouse

but I feel ok. something's wrong but you are away today
it's ok something's wrong all the time anyway

I feel ok anyway
satisfactory, fair, adequete,

the lion (cat) comes in she's ok
that's all that she wanted to say.
I'm ok I'm alone for the moment today

ain't no thang I do my stuff
I awake
you are away / abroad beyond, remote/ astray / aloof / obscurity

torrenado is passing us by
we sit inside watching everyone die
tornado is passing by

whirlwind is passing out side
we are surrounded / medial / heart / centrum / by the tempest
Track Name: Stega's Rist

I’ve been slow dragging my throat on the back of your house’s Stega’.
She’s got 3 wrists to choose from
2 in the vollyball shed
a house party that nobody can believe

My field notes are a teenager’s mess. Can’t be understood like a Stega.
I’m looking around for some common ground to build a fort on. I’m taking the cushions off. I’m naming it “Putin’s Back”

The day I die will be 12 days of Decent. And in the Ground I grow my legs in the tree.
Experiment, little wildflower. Try this and that as we have. Learn your to love what is around you because you can’t walk.
Track Name: Massage in a Battle
Don't sing so close to me.

You don't have to put on the flashing red and blue lights.

Every little thing she does is Magic The Gathering.
Track Name: Subtle Inner Lick ["are y'all pregno?"]
[54 Rumba][Are Y'all Pregnant]
Ten thousand hours spent away bezel pushing at the stand. I’ve killed all the guides .

Ben sits on the dream like a child
Dreams that I can recognize
The Rare Ore I found is the dedication
I don’t want to make you new clothes

I will lick from the side until it stays
My mantra bringing back old things
The cave in my tooth is filled with fruit
I can pay you when I get some more time
I will get some more time when time when I die
Track Name: Caerulum Gtutta Roris
[You Made a Song]

a tiny head revels in scarce refraction
I see Limited and precise
holding rare berry blue
A dream so sharp, razor sharp
but delicate elegant
measured advance to knock on the door

now I’m weighted at the side, a pound touch
blade acute, knifing through
A column eternally holding on to

Approach the door, together we can knock our call
And the handle is ours to turn

with an unending reverent love I will work till I die just to walk down this road with you, my love.
standing clear, strong, and comfortable
we acquiesce to the flowing blood of the universe
kingdom has come

I can already see us out there, standing together.
you with a blue fruit, gripped so solidly over your hand.

Today the gale burdens my friends out there
somehow the trouble never comes to me

I am protected with loving commitments to you

Every past moment leading to this
standing together.
you with a blue fruit, a lion of truth, (gates of ishtar) a cerulean drop of dew.

you with a blue fruit over your hand.

bay wolf be gone
Track Name: Arp My Depletedness

Sean died today.
What does he have placed around his head?
I do not know what things he thought about.
I never asked
What did he feel?
I’ve never known the way myself
When I think of him, I am filled with a depletedness for which I cannot find any place to put…….
Track Name: The Wonder Coven
Slow motion in saccharin lagoon
the sweetest light smile blesses me
cocooned by glowing warmth
slowing dripping all over me

the taste of nectar from an extended tongue
freshest raw bee honey
I feel fertile and abundant
vanity I carry

I feel fertile and abundant
vanity I carry
clutching giant golden berry
glowing so extraordinary

I've wasted my time a bit just paddling
we're slowing way down I'm diving in
communicate to me so eloquently
gentle kisses placed gently

in your hands I'm cast to gold
as your life pierces my soul
I feel fertile and abundant
vanity I carry

I feel fertile and abundant
vanity I carry
clutching giant golden berry
glowing so extraordinary
Track Name: Hysterical, Laughing Host
[guy2][find a place]
No way to hold on to old things
In my life passing by
now you know me you have named me you have won
I compartmentalize all the junk
Make me yours
I want see where this goes
we’ll find our place
Track Name: Go For It
The week is gone already
my wrists are soaked in the blood of chekere
a hit single I heard somewhere
yeah my spliced ankles keep me here

praying deep for extra luck
I will slowly pace in the back
I am passing mindless through the kitchen
I smell the alcohol

I found my way through all of this
it turns out it was the way that I was going
Celina paces back and forth
her head is heavy in her hands
she holds very very very heavy head in her hands

as I'm driving back to my home
I slip back into all that has happened
Turn around and there we are
all things will pass exactly the same

now I am home already
sleeping comes. sleep is here
I will sleep until thursday
no need to wait for anything
Track Name: Nameless VHS Pain
feeling a little admonished
I’m diving in the deepest trash
all applaud my gainer dive
nice pool of chemicals.
Chemicals build nasty you
I saw the way you turn your head completely backwards
snow grabbed me leave muck
dehind thus new shed near would loss at

Starma in the sink a very bad thing
man, starma in the sink

I think I gotta go now
Please don’t wait for me to return
are there any dead people in outer space?
Track Name: Foundation for Sad Bros
[foundation for sad bros]

As easy as a distant day on a fishing boat, a simple particle drifts off the coat of warm rain pouring down in sheets across future white sand

3 thousand digital horses buried up to their dreams in unused debt cards. The same land we are sitting in now, but with no whisper

as easy as a distant day.....
You have drastically changed me slowly over time.
I’m improved just because of the your guiding hand on mine

I know I’m deeply loved
Track Name: Dust Constellations (composed by Reeve Schumacher)
Lyrics written by Reeve Schumacher

He likes dust in the sun because it makes him feel the same as when he is looking at the stars...feeling small and alone.
In infinity feeling small and alone.

Seagulls like tree leaves turn to dust. Dust constellations in the sun. Revolving volery soars on.
All as one in unison.
All as one just for now
In infinity all as one.....just for now
just for now