Booted to LA

by ddb

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Recorded on the Bone Mother!


released November 1, 2005


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project -->

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Track Name: Space Trek
Don’t watch any cliff or canyon.
You’ve got deluxe satin eyes that could be measured as a threat.
As a result, you might become dethroned.
I cried for days on your lap; nothing could possibly keep my mouth dry.
The silky summer sands never felt so miserable.
I hate to sound like a sexist, but it sure takes a man
to swim through this ocean of sticky taffy.
All your compliments.....
You’re all such great compliments,
Thank you for your compliments.
I wish that I could be one of you.
Rack my brain to take a job
That’s enough of the hippo’s here
Pack him up and ship him out.
You can direct the entire government.

I was desperate enough to go try every door on your street.
Turning every golden knob just to see if you were there.
I need you to place your kiss on my forehead as it bows to you.
Try as I did I never did find you.
I turned a knob and opened a door,
The house was dark no one was home
I walked inside and looked around
the was no light I could not see
I blinked twice just to make sure
and sure enough I was alone
and there was no sound I could hear my hear
The darkness enveloped me like a warm mother
I walked straight ahead of me into the dark belly of the house
Feeling for walls and furniture; I felt none.
I felt like thiss house was an eternal, unearthly realm; I was falling in
The sensation of this encouraged me; I pressed on.
On and on......I cuddled the dark
I shook hands with the permanence.
I stayed there forever.
Track Name: Rocketman (Elton John Cover)
She packed my bags last night pre-flight
Zero hour nine a.m.
And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then
I miss the earth so much I miss my wife
It’s lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight

And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
Till touch down brings me round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no I’m a rocket man
Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone

Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids
In fact it’s cold as hell
And there’s no one there to raise them if you did
And all this science I don’t understand
It’s just my job five days a week
A rocket man, a rocket man

And I think it’s gonna be a long long time...
Track Name: Save The Soul
Eat a dying vulture, ripe with spice and culture,
spirits on your shoulder shouting the same orders
you’re an evil soldier, creating disorder
the seasons grow colder, the time for love’s over
Your hopes have all gone home, There’s a whim, there’s a woe
your hair falls out like snow, in your eyes burn red glow,
Eat a dying vulture, ripe with spice and culture,
spirits on your shoulder shouting the same orders
You’re not even there yet........

I tried to save to save the soul of the great once
it drifted out without notice, he’s gone
I order you to draw me a picture of
The Soul so when he gets back, he’ll be happy
I believe there’s a future in this
so long as I stay alive
But when I get your shirt off
I’ll kick you out, and get inside
Track Name: King Diamond
You hold my hand and King Diamond is a band
and they come from Denmark and they play lot’s o metal
Love from LA it’s a mile or two away
But it burns from the sides, it’s got quite enough to say

Do you want to play lots of metal
You can not buy me I’m on sale
I’m lilting like a flower petal
It’s all because of a female.
The games will always start here early.
Richard and Andy up all day.
I think about you little girly.
You somehow took my heart away.
I’m going to get some food for tummy.
and it will enter through my mouth.
My smile extends because it’s funny .
My family lives inside the south.

I’ve got no cash woah! So if you want to ask you will know my response.
I’m far away woah! Would you like to come over and stay for a while.
I’m shelving books Woah! But the sun on these hills puts kiss on the day.
I’m up for grabs Woah! So take what you want there’s enough to feed you all.
Track Name: Priorities
Drink the Sunshine, wash down tears you will
find yourself the bottom of a hole.
Sweet sweet sunshine throw down your hair,
let me climb out, come and save my soul
Even if I was prepared now I’m super duper scared
How can you expect me just to lay
This is just a parking lot, c’mon give me one last shot
you stupid bastards always say

I got priorities motherfucker
so don’t you take my plan away from me or
I will jump your ass you’ll see
The audacity of another
I don’t have no time to play your games
I do not need to change yeah

the next stop the next stop goes
He drinks too much and up he throws
we all lose all control of our all body
I one ear and out the next
keep on shouting till it’s fixed
this is my stop I’ll think I’ll go potty
Can we go to Mexico We’ll leave right after the show
We’ll blend in and live just like an ant
I just won’t pack my bags and leave
I’ll trick your ass I will deceive
I’d leave for mexico yeah but I can’t cuz......
Track Name: Snowfall
Push me I’m a big red button.
I’ll do the desired function when you push me when you push me
Don’t be afraid. I’m here for a reason. that is safe for you to touch.

Oh. C’mon. Let’s be quite agressive. It’s all for fun and games.
I’ve got books for feet and and a white bedsheet with two tiny holes for my beady little eyes. I’ve got apples in my neck and a surprising pair of checks that made out in your name for almost 2,000 dollars
You have used this piece of equipment before.
There is no reason to doubt its abilities.
You already know what will happen when you press me.

Let’s find a machine let’s take out it’s steel beating heart.
You know it’s aggresive when it comes for you.
Grabbing your wrist and twisting it too
“I want my heart back because I need it to live”
The silly machine didn’t know how to give.
(you his heart)

If for no other reason, at least do it for the money, come on and do it honey, think about killing bunnys, and laughing because it’s funny, cuz you’ll have 2000 dollars money, that will make your sunday sunny. So die happy and retarded. Don’t worry I’ll still love you, babe. It’s so cool that we’re going to see meshuggah play next week. I so excited. I can’t wait to see Freddy T. rip some awesome guitar solos.
Track Name: Shotkus Begs For Meth
(oh come give me one)
(yea giv it)
Any sound of your head lying next to me is baby free
I grow tired of such imaginationing
Write it down in words; sing it for the world
They must’ve seen and heard; I cannot cut my time because you comfort me.
You comfort me
drag me by teeth, I’ll sleep on your floor.
Curl me up—I’m dead, I want to be the lonely soul
scream into my mouth I’ll catch the spirit that flies
You know you are my only one.
All my time I want it slow.
What do you know that I don’t know
If there’s a watch well it’s telling me to go.
What did you think what did you think about that
You should’ve thought it didn’t matter.
Till they caught us in the act.
What the cooking is what it takes to see
When put my dog down you favored me.
Come on babey please, let me be your man.
Cuz the other guys don’t have a rock n roll band.
Track Name: What You Think About At Times
My dreams infect my wake even more and more everyday. Reality is dulling.
My memory is oh so much stronger when I subconciously create the past. The reality of past experience is smudgy in the place of imagination
I will try show up in your mirror whenever I can, but simple visions of a place I have never seen will pull my tounge out. Irregularities are not the same as they used to be. Just remember what they used to say: “Say the devil’s name, and he shall appear before you.” It’s war where gold’s involved. I’m on the line of arts
What’s the cotton for now that you’ve reached it?
Alive inside the breast—look inside---blood of camel-milk rains
‘Sorry’ saves the score---what a piece of art!!!
Come kill dinner with me dear.....or else you’ll starve.
What you think about at times. Who knows anything about that?