2008 is a test

by ddb

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released July 1, 2008


all rights reserved



ddb Oakland

SF Bay area based music project. Percussion experimental etc. Check out my new project --> i-voidhangerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/onkos

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Track Name: Who Are You Kissing Love
who are you kissing, love?
who are you kissing, love?
all this lack of other body
makes me give it up.
before anything is decided?
don't you want to know?
Chances are still moving in my face
all I do is watch them walk awa y Â
Who is the person you love?
Always breaking at the new frontier.
Taking the bracket off oh
Put your arms around embrace it tight
it's everything you have got.
Calming me down to a point of stasis
All I want from you is all it is

I can't kill a walker I can't ever find
Always you have treated me like I will never ever mind
I have liven't short connections fluid like
Cloning me into the future with the solid taste of eyes

always there's a port oh
taking me apart oh
shaking for me shaking in hands
facing you to two -making what you do
cut you head you drag the nail across you face you make the cuts now
That's how you get along so well
feeling bad for last time what you can do is what you do all the time
Track Name: Garlic Lemon Core
Underneath a garlic lemon core
There's a tree and a giant dwarf

you looked around. You looked away.
There's here's always somewhere else to be.
You didn't care. you never did.
There's always someone else to see.
you looked around. You looked away.
There's always someone else to be.
You didn't care. you never did.
There's always somewhere else to see.

Little by little I walk into a car
My heart is glazed like plastic I'm following a star
When I run out of songs I don't what I'll do
Track Name: in at an act
Treat your ordinary orifaces as open wounds with need for mending.
A white cage....health is a white cage.
Prepare my team for laughter, with the guns...the nails. AllislostAllislost

You will crawl over every inch like a fresh lover
These leaks will slow you down
Even at such a pace home will never be found.
These leaks will slow you down
This regular injury will eventually become quite permanant.
These leaks will slow you down

I hate to haunt but I know the life is short
Kissing you ahead of time already in my mind
already giving you the benifit of being kind
What if you turn out to be a martian
all at once, all at once I cry, all at I once I cry in shame
it's shame
I'm a gone man but you are not
Track Name: The Real Gold
You smell like the time that it took for a smile to appear on your lips oh heavenly
I'm gone for the weekend I took a vacation you can call me next year to make it up to me
My legs are just getting me talking a beat making that's the bomb energy
The real gold will just make you feel good make you sit it on back put your body up against to me.

A dry drink from a dark haired girl
see my lips on the glass I taste a vodka world
a sense of peace in a lovely lit room
a sweet fall down I know is coming up soon
she brought me care she brought everything
i just can't say what's okay what's okay
visual heat so discreet then it's all love
making plans touch and dance there is not enough
Track Name: The Grape Southern Traditional Kilt
You know all of my sweet touches
Catch them on the tounge, charlie was the one
I've written to the lesser gods
they way you touch my legs fullfill my plastic bags
It's not a crumpled circumstance
Allieviate the extra sense and give me all I need
all off all the turning leaves
I will turn your back around
and plot my course indeed